Monday, May 2, 2022

Make that List!

 Shalom Everyone!  I have an idea!  Start making a list for Summer.  What goes on the list?



Redefining Garden beds

Feeding potted plants

Finishing up pruning or continue doing Summer Pruning

Power wash all deck and walkway 

Clean windows

Plant Garden 

Remove plants that are not "working out" 

Bring in Wood Chips to mulch perennial beds

Clean up Lane  

De-junk in back

Repair Rain Gutters



Organize Kitchen 

Re-line shelves

Weed out Bookshelves

Standardize Cleaning products in all 3 bathrooms in a tote

Throw out expired personal care and first aid items 

Inventory Linens

Organize desk 

Weed out Cupboards and Pantry of items I don't use 

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