Sunday, August 2, 2009

If you are feelin' a bit RAW

I found this today. It has a very useful list of kitchen items you will need if you want to get more enjoyable raw foods into your menu.

For excellent health...
50% to 85% raw whole plant foods (fruits, nuts, seeds, greens, vegetables) everyday.
Live foods, Live bodies.

I am not a raw foodist, but I am for getting the % way up there.

The Rave Diet

Mike Anderson
He has done something great for all of us.

Two books and two companion DVD's.

"Eating" book and DVD

"Healing Cancer from the Inside Out" book and DVD.

Compelling and informative. Award winning.

You only get one life ...make it a long and healthy one.

I truly believe that the days of ignorance are in the past. It's time to stop playing games with your health and really start taking a long look at the data. It's just not funny anymore.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A really good book...

Eat Here, by Brian Halweil
Published by the Worldwatch Institute

I have been vegan for many years and yet I learned tons about how I can yet do more to promote food security and real-ness to the food on my plate.
Local Food. A concept that is really catching on lately. I know this because by the time I get all excited about something ( busy life with 4 kids at home)it's nearly set in stone.
If you have been wondering about things or not...Read this book. Find it at your local co-op or online somewhere.
I found my copy at the co-op in Eureka, CA

Now this site is worth visiting!

When Israel goes home we all can be home....Shalom