Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Message to all Humans ....Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease CAD

This is a message to all Humans who eat.  Eat a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and stop our number one killer of Americans.  The science is OVERWHELMING.  I recommend two Documentaries:
What the Health and Eating You Alive.

I also recommend a book:  How Not to Die by Dr. Greger

I also recommend a Google Search:  G-bombs

Another Book:  Alive with Dr. Scott Stoll

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Daily Wellness Drink

Protect your body by having this Wellness Drink

1/4 teas turmeric

1/8 teas ground pepper (pinch)

1 tbs cocoa (preferably naturally processed or raw)

1 teas maca (optional)

1 TB ground flax

1 teas green powder of choice(optional if you don't have)

1/2 teas cinnamon

Whiz up in a small food processor or shake cup or whatever you have.

Drink Daily

Heaven on Earth

What has been on my mind and heart lately?  Thoughts of perfection.  How we, with a focused will, can overcome the snarls in our lives by stopping, taking a long look at the problems, being quiet and letting the answers come.  We already have the answers to most of our challenges, but we are so consumed by busy-ness that we fail to let our screaming hearts be heard.  We can get rid of that junk. We can get our papers culled and organized.  We can forgive that person.  We can forgive ourselves.  We can let joy well up in our hearts and let our resolve be watered with the tears that spring from our eyes.  It's ok.  We can do it. When we come to that realization  a certain anticipation takes hold with the knowledge  that we are no longer looking away or askance, but straight at IT...whatever IT is.
Clarity and Flexibility and Strength will come when we clear the path for those  Heaven-Shaped thoughts to come to the fore and become our Priorities....

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hebrew Numbers can be a challenge

Shalom, Hebrew numbers can be challenging.  Here's  a link I've found helpful.  Enjoy! 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Books Recommended by Joe Good of Hatikva Ministries for your Learning Libary

1. The Biblical and Historical Background of the Jewish Holy Days
     Abraham P. Bloch 

2. Likhrat Shabbat
    Rabbi Sydney Greenberg

3. Anthology Series
    Sabbath, Rosh Hashanna, Yom Kippur, Simchat Torah, Passover, Hannukah, Shavuot
     JPS Society

4. Ancient Israel
     Roland DeVaux

5. The Book of Jewish Knowledge*
     Nathan Ausubel    Crown Publishing

6.The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion
    Werblosky. Wigoder

7. The Jewish Way*
     Rabbi Irving Greenberg

8. Jesus the Pharisee

9. Days of Awe
    B. S. Jacobson

10. The Hirsch Siddur and Hirsh Tehillim *
11. Hirsh Chumash*  Collected Writings*

12. 7 Festivals of the Messiah * Eddie Chumney

13. Midrash Rabbah Rut * 

14. Artscroll  Yechezkhel Vols 1 and 2 

15. The Messiah Texts

16. Interlinear Chumash  Artscroll  (in one volume)

17. The Book of Our Heritage
       Eliyahu KiTov

18. The Temple, Its Symbolism and Meaning Then and Now 
19.  Artscroll Megillat Ester

20. The Jewish Holy Days* 
      Moshe A. Braun

21. To Be a Jew,  To Pray as a Jew 
       Rabbi HaLevy Donin

22. The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet

23. The Illustrated Bible Dictionary in 3 Vols

24.  The Odyssey of the Third Temple 
        Rabbi Yisrael Ariel

25. The Brown, Driver, Briggs Gensenius Hebrew-English Lexicon

26.  S. Y Agnon  Days of Awe 
       Schocken Books

27.  All  books by  Abraham Joshua Heschel * 

28.  Serivce of the Heart
        Evelyn Garfiel

29.  Chronoligical and Background Charts  of the Old Testament
       John H. Walton

30.  Days of Awe (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and the Days Between)
       S. Y. Agnon

31.  Jesus the Pharisee
        Harvey Falk

32.  The Temple: It's Symbolism and Meaning Then and Now
        Joshua Berman

33.  Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus*
       Joachim Jeremias

34. Kingdoms of the Lord *
      David F. Payne

35. The Atlas of Biblical Jerusalem
       Dan Bahat

36.  Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth (Hardcover)
       Peter Connolly

* Books with the *  are those that I have, but may have not been a direct recommendation of Hatikva Ministries. These books however are worth having in your learning library for the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith.

When Israel goes home we all can be home....Shalom